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Teresa B. Petty-Jones

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Helping seniors and their family members avoid the devastating financial effects of long-term care or improper estate planning measures


At the Law Office Of Teresa B. Petty-Jones, we are committed to providing you and your family the legal services needed to plan for the future and protect your hard-earned assets. Our firm is trusted by individuals and families throughout central California and we are known for our ability to protect the interests of our clients.

Our firm provides experience and services in a wide range of estate planning and end-of-life care matters, including:

  • The creation of a comprehensive estate plan — We will craft an estate plan consisting of all necessary wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and directives that will grant you peace of mind and fully prepare for the future.
  • Asset protection — We will put together the necessary trusts and business entities to structure your assets and estate, protecting against costly estate taxes and liabilities.
  • Probate matters — Our firm assists in the probate process, whether you are an executor or a family member.
  • Elder law — We strive to protect your loved ones through skilled elder law representation, preventing abusive or manipulative individuals from taking advantage of your elderly family member.
  • End-of-life care — The cost of end-of-life care can be staggering. Our team provides solutions and strategies for dealing with and preparing for these costs.
  • Qualification for governmental benefits, including MediCal and veterans benefits

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We are a small firm, passionate about equipping families and individuals with the information they need to make crucial decisions for the future. We take the time to understand you and your family, as well as your wishes and goals. Our team delivers strategies and solutions that are tailored to those needs.