Estate Planning Services

During the Covid-19 State of Emergency, I continue to conduct client consultations and meetings. Appointments are through phone or videoconferencing. This enables me to connect with you directly to evaluate your specific needs from the comfort and safety of your home without delaying your estate planning objectives. Your safety and peace of mind is my priority. Please give my office a call to schedule an appointment.

No matter the size of your estate or the assets you have, it is important to have an estate plan that will protect what you leave behind for your family and other loved ones. Many people do not even have a will, much less the trusts, powers of attorney and other necessary documents in place to prepare for the future. With a thoughtful and well-drafted estate plan in place, you can ensure that your estate passes to whom you want, when you want and is carried out in the manner you have chosen. You can rest assured your family will not have to endure the public process and costly matter of probate. The government will be less likely to take what you have spent a lifetime building. And your loved ones will have a roadmap to follow if disputes arise.

Wills, Trusts And Estate Planning Services Customized To You And Your Family

At the Law Office of Teresa B. Petty-Jones, our lawyers sit down with you to help you create an estate plan with all the proper documents needed to ensure your wishes are carried out. Unlike the one-size-fits-all estate plan templates online, we take the time to make sure you are fully protected and that your plan is tailored to your unique needs and situation.

For more information about estate planning services provided at the Law Office of Teresa B. Petty-Jones, please contact our firm today at 559-900-1194.

No matter the size of the estate or amount of assets, most estate plans are built upon the following:

  • A will — The will dictates exactly how all assets will be distributed to loved ones or charitable organizations. It also allows the individual to list out specific wishes or contingencies.
  • Trusts — There are many types of trusts, including revocable living trusts and irrevocable trusts, that allow individuals to outline how their assets will be disbursed. This is particularly useful for distributing assets over a period of time or for protecting assets from estate tax or other consequences.
  • Power of attorney — A POA will allow an individual to name a person or people who will be in charge of financial, legal and medical decisions should he or she become incapacitated.
  • Health care directives — This directive allows a person to explicitly state his or her medical wishes.

If you have significant business investments or interests, we can help you explore the option of structuring those assets and investments in a business entity. We can help you weigh the pros and cons of each available business entity.

For more information about how we can assist you in estate planning, please call our office.